Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photographic style?

I work with a combination of reportage and contemporary style of photography, which results in a beautiful mixture of both formal and informal images. There may be a few semi-posed photographs during your day too, with the intention to get people to relax and enjoy themselves.

How long does it take until we see our wedding photos?

No longer than 8 weeks!! You’ll be invited back to my studio for your viewing session.

How much of a deposit do we need to pay to secure our date with you?

A Booking Fee of just £100 secures your wedding date, your package prices, and any special offers that are applicable within your contract. This is then subtracted from your final due balance of course.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I can accept cheques (made payable to Trevor Lucy Photography), bank transfer or all major credit and debit cards. I’ve also offer a service where I can provide interest free, automated payments, that split your balance into manageable monthly amounts. Ask me more about this.

Are there any hidden costs?

No – All packages show the price and state clearly what is included. Your package will also be explained to you at the time of booking. If there are any optional extras these will be explained and the prices communicated in a clear fashion.

Are your prices guaranteed?

Yes – The price secured in your wedding contract will not vary, even if your wedding is in 2 or 3 years time.

Do you do engagement shoots / pre wedding shoots?

Yes, and they come complimentary with wedding bookings! These are a great way for us to get to know each other, whilst getting some gorgeous images of you both as a couple, in love and looking forward to your wedding day. It gives you the chance to experience what it feels like to be photographed by me. This is perfect if you think you’ll be nervous in front of the camera, or (like me) you don’t like your picture being taken at all! You’ll soon see that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I work in an uncomplicated and flowing fashion that naturally gives photographs a more relaxed feel, and my clients love it.

You can purchase anything you wish from the shoot and a favourite item is the Wedding Day Signing Frame. This is where you have your favourite image mounted in a large signing frame that your wedding guests can write their well wishes on at your evening reception. I’ve an example of this at my office that I’d love to show you.

What's your most important attribute?

Getting results that my clients love! This comes from a having relaxed yet professional approach that puts people at ease quickly. Relaxed people in photographs look much better and it’s a more enjoyable experience for them too!

Are you insured?

Yes – I have public liability insurance and all of my equipment is also insured.

What happens if you are sick on the day?

I’m proud to say that I have always fulfilled my contracts.

Should an unexpected situation arise where I was unable to photograph your day, then I have backup support from a number of fully qualified and professional photographers through the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland.

Do you have terms and conditions?

Yes – They are there to protect us both, and are written into your contract, which you will able to read before signing. You will be sent a copy of your signed contract too.

Do you shoot colour or black and white?

I shoot using some of the market leading digital cameras. I always shoot in colour initially as this gives me the option to convert it to black and white later in the digital darkroom.

Will your wedding albums last?

Absolutely! I use a combination of two world renowned professional labs for my wedding albums. Each offers customisation options that will truly make your album not only unique, but something you’ll love and cherish forever. Many see their bespoke luxury wedding albums as their first family heirloom – Something that they can pass down through the generations of their children and grandchildren. The printing processes are of the highest standards within the industry, and their albums are crafted using top quality materials and craftsmanship. When viewed and held they exude quality. They really speak for themselves. I’ve the full range available from my collections that I’d love to show you at my office, made from some of my previous weddings, so please make an appointment with me to come see for yourself.

How long does it take to get our album?

Lead times vary depending on the type of album ordered but generally no longer than six weeks from the time of order.

What about the design of our album?

Once you decide upon your album style that you would like, I’ll begin working on it’s design. Every album is unique. You will be able to view your digital album proof online, and approve it with a simple click of a button.

Do you cover our speeches?

Your speeches can deliver some truly special moments and I love to capture the range of emotions during these. I’ll capture what happens so that you can treasure those memories forever. They can be unpredictable and this makes them as unique as your family and friends that are speaking on your special day.

If your speeches are before your wedding meal they’re covered as standard.

If they’re after your wedding meal then this is an optional extra.

Do you cover the first dance?

This can be a lovely way to finish off a beautiful wedding album, with your first dance as a married couple. This is an optional extra in a collection.

Do we get the photos on a CD or USB drive?

If you have selected that as part of your collection, then yes. My wedding clients will always have access to their photos in their own online gallery, so many are actually choosing to invest in a better value package without a USB now. You can purchase the USB off me at any time. NOTE: After research, I found that a lot of people’s USB drive just sat in a drawer, never looked at anyway, as they preferred to invest in beautiful bespoke albums and professional quality wall art from me.

Do you charge for travel?

As a rough rule of thumb, no. With my wedding bookings, I don’t charge travel for weddings within Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

I love to travel around our beautiful island seeing new venues and taking photos in some of our amazing landscape scenery.

I’d be delighted to provide a quote for destinations outside of Ireland, so wherever you’re getting married, please get in touch and I’d be happy to help and be of service.

Can we get a tailored package to suit us specifically?

Yes! Your album can be tailored to suit your choice of style and budget, with a choice of page weight and styles, consisting of anything from 10 to 60 pages, and with a wide choice of album cover materials, colours and style options. If you see another photographer offering something that I’m not, make sure you ask me can I get it, as I may well have access to it or be able to offer something similar, or even better.

Can you provide framed enlargements and wall art?

Yes – with my suppliers I have access to a wide range of wedding accessories including everything from popular canvas wraps, acrylic prints and even modern vibrant metal prints. Ask me about some of these products to learn more, and you’ll also be able to see these products in my studio too.

Can we request specific photographs?

Yes. About a month before your wedding date, we’ll do a pre wedding consultation where we’ll go through a list of photographs that I usually take. If there’s anything specific that’s not already covered then you can add your requests here.

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