A Free Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Selecting the right wedding photographer to perfectly capture your wedding day can be a daunting task from what can seem like an ocean of choices.


It’ll be a decision I’m sure you’ll want to be confident in the knowing that you’ve selected the best photographer for you and your wedding. Your wedding photography will result in the only tangible product of your wedding day, that will help you relive your gorgeous day and all it’s details, so you’ll want to select a photographer that’s capable of doing this.

You’ll want your wedding album, whatever its style, to tell the story of your day in a beautiful, elegant and timeless fashion. I like to think of the wedding albums that my clients receive from me as their first family heirloom. Something they can be proud of forever, that wont live in a box in the attic, and that will get passed on though generations to preserve precious memories in the best way possible.

I always encourage potential clients, if they haven’t already done so, to look around at what other photographers have on offer. While you’re looking at their work, here’s a few things you might like to consider:

1. Ask yourself, do you get along well with the photographer you’re thinking of selecting? Your photographer will probably be the one vendor that you’ll end up spending the most time with throughout the entire day, plus before and after the day too. It’s important that there’s a good chemistry between you and that you feel comfortable with them. If you feel awkward, or cant relax, with your photographer, then this is very likely to be reflected in the way you look as a couple in your photographs.

2. Get them to show you full wedding albums, not just a collection of one-off images from loads of different weddings. You’ll want to be confident that they can capture what they need to from a single wedding so that they can perfectly tell your wedding day story.

3. Get them to show you a wedding album that’s around the same time of year that your wedding day is on, i.e. if your wedding day is the middle of winter, then there’s no point looking excessively at wedding albums that were photographed in the summer months. To a camera, the light levels are hugely different during the winter months and you’ll want to be confident that your photographer will capture your day well, no matter what time of year your wedding is on, or what the weather is like.

4. This might seem obvious, but look at the actual wedding couple too. Ask yourself, do they look happy? Do they look natural or posed in a stiff and awkward fashion? Do they look relaxed and in love? Or do they look bored and possibly peeved that the photographer is taking forever to take their pictures?

5. Look at the group / formal photos – Does everyone look happy and relaxed? Or do they look stiff and awkward?

6. Print Quality – Do the album photos look clean, clear, crisp and sharp?

7. Look at the backgrounds of the pictures too. Are there distracting, unwelcome and unnecessary elements in the pictures? Does it look like the photographer has made the best out of the location? Are there objects sticking out peoples heads because the photographer has chosen a poor location to take the pictures?

8. Look at the actual colours in the pictures. Are they as you would expect? And are they consistent throughout the entire album?

9. Check the photographers packages thoroughly. Some, have albums in their packages that might start with a set number of photographs and then you are charged all sorts of money, per photo, that they add as extra into your album, or they charge large sums extra per spread / page that they add to your album. Just be weary of this to make sure, whatever you choose, that it’s right decision that best suits you.

10. Check to see how long it will be until you are able to see your wedding day pictures. Be weary of the horror stories, that do actually exist, that people have waited over a year before they see any pictures at all!! Thankfully however, not from my clients I’m very glad to say.

11. Check to see how long it takes them to design an album, and once its ordered, how long until it is ready to be picked up.

12. Last but not least is the price. Photography is an art form, so don’t get too hung up on price as it’s hard to compare one photographer to another, as we’re all different. However, it does tend to be like everything else in life though, as you tend to get what you pay for, so invest wisely. Of course, it’s important to select a level of photographic service that you’re comfortable with paying. I offer an automated split payment system, interest free, which is a great way to help budget for your wedding.

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