...tiny fingers...

...tiny toes...

...gorgeous portraits...

...precious memories...

...tiny fingers...

...tiny toes...

...gorgeous portraits...

...precious memories...

Newborn Baby Photography

A new life…

How precious and gorgeous is your little miracle and bundle of joy!? So cute and so tiny!

They’ll grow up and change so fast too. You’ll even notice daily changes and your love will continue to grow with your evolving family. Lets capture these special moments so that they will truly be unforgettable and exist forever!


When do we book?

You’ll want your newborn baby to look exactly that when they are photographed – a new born. Newborn’s only behave and look like newborns for a certain amount of time, and that time is precious. During their first 14 days they will prefer to be curled up and kept snuggly warm as that’s what they’ve been used to for the previous few months after all. They won’t yet have developed the desire to be continuously held or nursed and there shouldn’t be any risk or colic at this early stage as well. After two weeks, your little treasure will change rapidly, start stretching out, becoming more restless and generally demand a lot more attention. It’s best to capture beautiful memories when your baby is happiest and most relaxed.

With this in mind, it’s best to book as early as possible. This will increase your chances of availably as with Newborn Baby Photography we’ll only be able to plan a few months ahead of ourselves. After your 20 week scan would be an ideal time as we’ll know your due date and schedule the booking based around this time.

Once baby is born – yay! – we’ll arrange an appointment date and time that best suits you, generally within their first fourteen days, with between days 6 and 10 considered to be the most optimal time.

Products available from just £35!

Check out some awesome collection ideas below.

I’ve a stunning range of other products available that’s perfectly suited to displaying your gorgeous pictures in and around your home. I’ll have them all out and available to see and feel their luxurious qualities during the shoot so you can start planning your dream shopping list to display and cherish your new family addition.

The á la carte menu with all products is availalbe with all shoots so you can create the best collection for you personally during your viewing session. Collections 2, 3 & 4 are simple suggestions and offer a small discount when booked.

Newborn Collection 1

• Newborn studio shoot session

• Your studio viewing session


Newborn Collection 2

• Newborn studio shoot session

• Your studio viewing session

• A Style 2 gorgeous album made with up to 20 pages included


A collection of 10 stunning Fine Art Matted Prints beautifully presented in a free standing Reveal Box where you can always see your favourite image

• Private online gallery.


Newborn Collection 3

• Newborn studio shoot session

• Your studio viewing session

• A Style 3 Luxurious gorgeous album made with up to 20 pages included

• Private online gallery

• 20 inch Framed Fine Art Print OR £350 towards ANY of the Wall Art range.


Newborn Collection 4 ~ Baby’s First Year

• THREE studio shoot sessions

1st at newborn stage (withing their first 2 weeks ideally)

2nd at 6-month stage when baby is sitting up

& 3rd on their 1st birthday, completing the set with birthday celebrations.

• Studio viewing session scheduled after each shoot so you can see your pictures as soon as possible

• 30 stunning Fine Art Matted Prints in total – 10 from each shoot for instance – that are all kept safe and presented in a stunning free standing Reveal Box where you can always see your favourite image.

• Private online gallery


or £90/month (x10) paid in scheduled automated payments.

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